Save Our Studios

Save Our Studios is a coalition of San Francisco artists with studios and those who have lost or will lose their studio space. Artists all over the City are being affected by the current burgeoning commercial real estate market. When artists are forced to move out of the heart of the City, the city's cultural life suffers. If you support keeping the arts in San Francisco, or are affected by skyrocketing rents in San Francisco, we want to hear from YOU.

What we want:

  • Permanent, affordable studio spaces for visual artists in San Francisco
  • Support TODCO's * (see below) Central SOMA Community Plan

This plan proposes that existing Production/Distribution/Repair/Arts space must be retained/replaced:

    1.    100% in the current “Service/Arts/Light Industrial” district of SOMA

    2.    50% in the current “Service/Light Industrial” districts of the City

    3.    25% EVERYWHERE ELSE in San Francisco.

How you can get involved:

  • We need your story and photo. Go to "Tell Your Story" for details.
  • Inform other artists about sending their stories. The more we collect, the more power we have as a group to get attention and push for change.
  • Support our effort. Even if you are not an artist, we would like to hear from you. Tell us why it is important to keep artists in the City.
  • Come to our next meeting, and help determine the next steps. Contact Flora Davis at for the date, time, and location of the meeting.

Save Our Studios was started by SOMA Artists' Studios at 689 Bryant. We are a coalition of San Francisco artists with studios, who are advocating for affordable rents for artists working in the City. After 25 years of providing work studios for artists, we will lose our space in November 2015 due to a 60% rent increase.

* TODCO (Tenants and Owners Development Corporation) is a community-based housing/ community development nonprofit corporation for San Francisco's South of Market Neighborhood. We have been on the front line, challenging downtown expansion, and becoming active participants and activists addressing the impact of 40 years of "redevelopment" and the last 5 years of rapid " gentrification" upon the South of Market's vulnerable communities. TODCO's experience and leadership in neighborhood building has made it an organization of excellence and commitment. With the help and support of our partners and residents, we will continue to provide high-quality residences and services for our South of Market Community.