Studio 17 Faces Eviction: Diana Martinez Speaks Out

Studio 17, at the corner of 17th and Mission in the Redlick building, is currently facing eviction. Diana Martinez, a Studio 17 artist, shares her story:

"I am one of 70+ artists renting a studio at the Redneck Building on 17th and Mission St. (3265 17th Street San Francisco, CA 94110) Collectively the studios on the top 2 floors are known as Studio 17 and managed by Robert Donald. Those top 2 floors are currently designated as "Neighborhood Community NC-3 Trade Shop with the Artists Permitted Conditional Use for Artist Studios, Gallery and Art Related Activities." The building's owner of 2 years, Rick Holman, is refusing to renew our lease, asking for a 300% increase, and illegally attempting to re-zone those spaces to include Administrative offices in order to rent to tech startup companies. He has delayed a Public Land Use hearing in order to convince the city that we are in agreement when we are not. He has told us the top 2 floors must be seismically retrofitted although the retrofit request is voluntary and the permit is on hold. We are currently reaching out to various media and neighborhood advocates for help and are gearing up for a big fight to stay in the Redneck Building." #savestudio17 #noartnoculture

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